Affordable Interview/Professional Dress/Stylish Outfit Ideas!

Aside from my job of being a full-time frugal fashionista, I have also worked for many years as a Career Counselor. In addition to helping others figure out what they want to do when they grow up, I also helped them prepare for interviews and gave guidance on how to “dress for success”. In preparation of me going back to work soon after a hiatus, I rotated my wardrobe to get my professional duds cleaned, pressed, and ready to go.

Today, I want to show you how you can put together professional looks without spending a ton of money on a new wardrobe. This should be particularly helpful for new grads and those re-entering the workforce after a hiatus like myself.

This first look includes a blazer that I purchased many years ago but was of good quality so it maintained its structure well over the years. I frequent thrift stores so I often see good quality blazers that can be purchased for around $5. It is worth it to grab as many as you can afford because they are great wardrobe staples. Dry clean them as you can (our local one price dry cleaner charges $3.50 to clean blazers). I added a simple blouse and basic black skirt which can also be found in regular retail stores for less than $10 but of course both are plentiful in thrift stores for even less than that. The shoes are from Shoedazzle from which I can often get deals for $10 or less especially during their end of season specials.

Interview Wear-Pink Blazer3

Interview Wear-Pink Blazer2

This next look features a striped cardigan that I’ve also had for years but had it cleaned and pressed at the dry cleaner. Cardigans tend to be less expensive than blazers so check out your local discount retailer (Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Burlington) where you can find some for $10-$12. I purchased the pink camisole and classic black pants from the thrift store. I think I paid $1 for the top and $5 for the pants which look as if they have never been worn. Be sure to check with thrift stores in your area to find out days on which they offer additional discounts. It’s always good to save a few of your coins when you can! The shoes are from Ross where I paid $25.

Interview Wear-Black White Cardi

Interview Wear-Black White Cardi2

This look includes another blazer that I dug from the back of my closet and had dry cleaned. I found the dress on the clearance rack at Burlington for $8, the gold necklace is attached to the dress. A cute dress and accessory for one low price, you can’t beat that! The shoes again are from Shoedazzle, you really can’t beat their deals. One tip for shopping with Shoedazzle/Justfab…always skip the month so that you won’t be charged the $39.95 fee. Put a reminder in your phone/calendar so that you don’t forget. You can always get a better deal on their site by purchasing during a sale. You can use my links to receive 75% off your first order!

Interview Wear-Orange Dress

Interview Wear-Orange Dress3 revised

What I like about all of these pieces is that they are interchangeable to create different looks every day of the week. Mix and match tops, blazers, skirts, pants, cardigans, and shoes! Even the dress could be tucked in and worn as a blouse with the skirt and pants. You could also add a couple new (or thrifted) blouses to round out your work week (or month). The possibilities are (almost) endless!

I have many more money saving ideas that I am going to share in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned for more!!

See you soon!



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