Welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Tamika and I am a wife, mother, counselor, thrifter/reseller, and now blogger! I have been operating on social media as “Dazzling Emerald” and “Dazzling Emerald plus sizes” for the past couple of years styling looks for frugal plus size fashionistas. I chose the name “Dazzling Emerald” because not only is the emerald my birthstone (May babies, yeah!) but emeralds symbolize rebirth and hope. I took a step out on faith a couple of years ago by leaving my full-time career to focus on family and build my own businesses; so emeralds represent me well. And what do emeralds do?? They dazzle, honey!  I want to inspire, motivate, entertain, and encourage everyone to live a dazzling, positive-plus life! So follow me as I share: recipes, fashion, travel, shopping, frugality, and life lessons. It’s gonna be a fun ride so I hope you join me every day!