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Last Minute Christmas Gifts- DIY Hair & Body Oil!

I hope you are enjoying this series and ready to complete your gift sets today! If you’re just joining me, be sure to check out my previous two blog posts to catch up on the great d.i.y. gifts perfect for any occasion. Today, we are creating this oh-so-fancy (but affordable) hair & body oil.

This oil combines vitamin-rich, antioxidant, moisturizing properties to make a perfect treatment for dry, sensitive skin and for the treatment of hair damage and loss. It can be gently heated in water to use as hot oil treatment. Leaving you with rich moisturized and luxurious locks of hair.

The 3 oils that we will be using are: Olive oil, Vitamin E oil, and Sunflower Oil. Best of all the olive and vitamin e oil can be found at Dollar Tree! The large bottle of sunflower oil was purchased at Walmart for around $4.

Hair & Body Oils

I’m going to be adding in some scented oils which I purchased here . But you can also find some in store at Hobby Lobby (don’t forget your coupon on their website). I also picked up a few packs of these travel sized bottles at…you guessed it, Dollar Tree.

Hair & Body Oils bottles

I simply blended all the oils together and separated them in different bottles to make different scents and added fragrance oil to each. Lastly, I funneled the oil into each bottle. It is as simple as that!

While at Dollar Tree, I stopped by the craft aisle and picked up some bling wrap and glued it to the tops of the bottles to make them look a little fancier and giftier…is that a word?

Hair & Body Oils completed

I printed out the labels myself to identify the scents. I like that one is in a spray bottle which makes it perfect to use on the skin right out the shower. The other bottles can be carried in a purse for on-the-go moisture while another can be used for a hot oil hair treatment.

Hair & Body Oils gift set

So this series included: bath bomb truffles, shower jelly, and hair/body oil. These luscious gift sets would be great for any occasion. For a few dollars, you can create multiple gift sets for multiple people for the same price as one set purchased in the store!

I hope this helps you save a few coins and enjoy this holiday season.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you soon….

DIY Summer Hair Color: No Bleach, Cover Grays, and Add Shine!

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she wants a little change in her look. Our hair is usually the easiest change to make and the easiest to reverse if we don’t like it. Well, I’ll be honest and share that I had some gray strands that were becoming downright disrespectful so I needed a little “highlight” to help me calm them down.

(Affiliate links are used throughout the blog and when you make a purchase using them, I will receive a small percentage of the sale.)

I went over to my local Sally Beauty to purchase a few items to begin my mini-transformation. Here comes some demi-permanent color to the rescue! I chose the color medium burgundy brown. From my understanding, the demi lasts longer than a semi-permanent but still washes away after about 20-25 washes.  I purchased this burgundy color because I wanted a not too obvious but show a little something in the sun type of color. I paired with with this 10 volume developer per the package instructions.

Dye Hair Materials

I mixed it all together in a non-metal bowl. I used equal parts color to developer because I wanted a strong enough pigment to match the level of disrespect to those pesky gray strands, lol.

Dye Hair Mixture


I gathered a few other necessary items to help me get the job done: hair clipsglovesplastic cap, and an optional application brush. The last item you see is an old t-shirt that I usually use to dry my hair so I don’t mind getting it messed up in this process.

Dye Hair Tools


I sectioned off portions of my hair and made sure that each part was saturated. I then twisted the section and added a clip.

Dye Hair in Hair

I put on the plastic cap (not shown here) then sat under my bonnet dryer for about 40 minutes.

Dye Hair under dryer

I applied a heat protection and proceeded to use a hair dryer to dry my hair stretched but not completely straightened. I then used a curling wand to create a wavy, curly look.

Dye Hair Styling Tools

Dye Hair After pics2

The result is va-va-va-voom! You have to squint one eye and turn your head in the sunlight to notice the color but it’s there and most importantly, no grays!

Dye Hair After pics

Still can’t see the burgundy too well in this pic but check out my bouncy curls, lol!

I’m working on editing a video that will give you more detail on this look so stay tuned for that if you’re interested!

Summer is nearly upon us and I have a lot of grand ideas from outdoor decorating, around town festival-ling and mini renovations that I’m excited/scared about executing. So I hope you follow the blog so you don’t miss all this excitement!

Until next time, friends….

Coloring My Dark Natural Hair

So, I was feeling real inspired one day when I ran across a beauty blogger who colored her dark natural hair using a semi-permanent color. I never considered it before because I assumed that you would need bleach or at the very least a color developer in order for hair color to show. Being that my hair is very fine and even more fragile when my dark color is lifted, I gave up on the idea of ever coloring my hair again. But now seeing the results on someone, I was given hope. Could it be true? Can I actually play around with hair color, albeit temporary, and not suffer any hair damage?

Feeling emboldened and adventurous, I decided to mosey on over to Sally Beauty to take a look-sy at the color options. The beauty blogger used the Ion brand so I decided try the same product. At the time, Sally Beauty was running a special of buy 2 colors, get the 3rd free. They also offered you a “free” additional color if you renewed your Sally’s membership. The membership was only $5 which includes discounts on most of their products, a $5 coupon on a future purchase, and other discounts and promotions sent to your e-mail. So overall, not a bad deal and I walked out of the store with 4 different colors to try.

Hair Color Varieties

As the instructions suggested, I did a swatch test on my skin to test for an allergic reaction prior to applying it to my hair. In my old age, I have become allergic to most things besides air and water, so I was sure not to skip this step! I next tested the colors on my hair. The fuchsia and rose quartz were pretty undetectable. The garnet and burgundy brown gave me a little show so I decided to try the more dramatic  garnet color first.

Hair Color

I sectioned my hair and applied the color on top of styling products that I normally use (probably a mistake). I twisted each section as I completed the color application. It was still barely even noticeable so I became a bit doubtful.

Doubtful Look

Also, it would have been a good idea to use some type of gloves because….

Red Hands

But the damage was already done, so I kept going. Since I didn’t notice much color difference, I decided to keep applying more color on my already twisted hair.

Hair in Twists

The beauty blogger I watched went on to style her hair without shampooing or rinsing her hair at all. My fine strands were not having that! So if you have thick hair that can handle a lot of product and still allow you to style it, then go for it. My hair can only handle about 1 layer of product at a time so applying a styling product and this dye was just too much. So I rinsed my hair to remove the excess product build up (and probably most of the dye) and proceeded to style again.

In Car with Glasses

The end result is a barely noticeable, slight hue to the ends of my hair. If I turn just the right angle in the sunlight, you MIGHT (that’s a big might lol) see it. My grey hairs however, are a bright hot pink so there’s that; good thing I don’t have too many in a disrespectfully plain view.

So overall, probably a fail but it was fun experimenting. I haven’t given up yet, I want to try the burgundy brown without additional products to see the effect. I’ve also been researching low level (level 10) developers and contemplating that for highlights perhaps to minimize the risk. Stay tuned!!